Efficiency is our thing at Cast Rite, and we produce high quality aluminum castings for a wide range of industries. Cast Rite can help you get the most out of this strong, lightweight, corrosion resistant, high performance material. Widely used for all types of marine equipment and boat hardware, Cast Rite regularly produces these components for the boating industry.


Cast Aluminum Grades for Marine Equipment

Resistance to corrosion as well as its relatively light weight, will often make cast aluminum marine equipment and boat hardware a preferred choice over heavier, bulkier options. A highly versatile material, marine grade aluminum can be employed to create specific components such as fittings, railings, and gangplanks.

Centrally located in Birdsboro, PA, Cast Rite stays cost competitive through its diversified manufacturing capabilities. Depending on the component size, as well as the volume of components required, Cast Rite can provide their clients several different options. For example, squeezer molding is often the preferred choice for prototype aluminum castings and small runs of components, and automatic high-speed molding is generally employed to produce larger runs of aluminum castings. In regard to component sizes, green sand floor molding is used to produce larger sized aluminum castings, and roto-lift molding is used when the finished aluminum castings range in size from 20–100 lb. No-bake molding, while similar to green sand aluminum casting, is also available. Cast Rite also provides pattern-making as a customer service.

With a wide range of post-production finishing services, including heat treatment, welding, machining, and assembly, Cast Rite is a full service aluminum casting foundry. From certified metals, to its extensive experience and skill, and state-of-the-art equipment, Cast Rite produces the highest quality finished aluminum castings currently available.

If you need high quality cast aluminum marine equipment and boat hardware, talk to CAST RITE.

With a client list that includes customers in the Mid-Atlantic region, national clients in North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Arizona, California, and international clients in Canada and the UK., Cast Rite is ready to make it for you.