Cast aluminum ornamental and architectural pieces offer a perfect solution for designers seeking an inexpensive and effective way to enhance their plans. Widely used for grills, partitions, fencing, and a wide variety of architectural details, aluminum is highly prized for its versatility, workability, lightness, strength, and corrosion resistance. Cast aluminum ornamental and architectural pieces can be painted, anodized, or polished to a fine level of finish, and can be readily matched with other metals such as stainless steel.


Achieve Your Vision With the Versatility of Aluminum

Green sand aluminum casting is a time honored technique for creating precision parts, and has been used for a long time. While the method is straightforward, it can be employed to make very intricate pieces. Specially formulated green sand is used to pack into a mold around a pattern that matches the finished component. When molten aluminum is poured into the mold after the pattern is removed, the aluminum fills the void to create the casting. After cooling, the green sand is knocked off and the excess flashing is ground off and the casting is blasted and cleaned. Cast Rite is a full-service aluminum foundry, and can offer additional post production services such as heat treatment for greater strength, grinding, welding, and other secondary operations.

Cast Rite’s diversified manufacturing capabilities keeps us cost effective: efficiency is our thing. We provide a set of molding options to accommodate both large and small production volumes and large and small components. For example, squeezer molding can be used for small runs of prototype parts, and automatic high-speed molding is used to produce larger runs. For components ranging in size from approximately 30—100 lb roto-lift molding is often used. Green sand floor molding is used to create larger castings.

Cast Rite has been working with OEM manufacturers since 1970, and has developed relationships with clients in the Mid-Atlantic region, nationally, and internationally, with clients in Canada and the U.K.

If you need to produce high quality cast aluminum ornamental and architectural pieces, talk to CAST RITE today.

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