Quality patterns are important in the sand-casting process! All green sand casting begins with a custom pattern, built to exact customer designs. While there are some variations in materials used to build pattern(s) and core box(s), most are made of a "hard wood" material or "metal". If patterns and core boxes are properly maintained and stored, they can be used to make thousands of green sand molds, and will last many years. Wood patterns are relatively inexpensive, and can be built to make varying casting sizes and designs: Metal patterns are usually made for higher quantity parts.


Pattern Storage

Here at Cast Rite Metal, we regularly maintain customer's patterns, and when not in use in the foundry, we store patterns in secure on-site pattern storage buildings ... FREE OF CHARGE! We keep pattern records at Cast Rite, and customers' patterns are placed in catalogued locations that are periodically updated for accuracy.

Cast Rite has been in operation since 1970, and is fully involved in the evolving developments of pattern making. The advent of rapid prototyping and 3D files helps our local pattern shops build new patterns when required. Cast Rite works closely with their clients to make sure their patterns are built to their exact dimensional requirements.

CAST RITE: An Aluminum Sand Casting Foundry Near Me

At Cast Rite, efficiency is our thing. With a long list of repeat clients in the Mid-Atlantic, as well as those nationally in North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Arizona, California, and internationally, in Canada, and the United Kingdom, Cast Rite has the materials, equipment, and the expertise for state-of-the-art patternmaking. Call Cast Rite today.