Cast aluminum plays an important role in many industries, and Cast Rite works with OEM manufacturers locally, in the Mid-Atlantic region, nationally, with international clients in Canada and the U.K.


Benefits of Using Aluminum for Power Tools

Aluminum is widely employed for cast aluminum power tools because its unmatched strength-to-weight ratio, heat and corrosion resistance make it an ideal material for handheld applications. Cast aluminum is often the preferred material for housing machine assemblies of all kinds, and power tools are no exception. Examples include drills, grinders, polishers, hydraulic riveters, palm sanders, jig saws and more.

A Precise Method for Complex Parts

Green sand aluminum casting has been used for over a century, and continues to be one of the most precise, reliable, and consistent ways to fabricate metal parts. The process is simple, but can be used to make very complex components. Green sand is packed into a mold around a pattern. Molten aluminum is poured into the inlet(s) of the mold. Once the aluminum is cooled, the green sand is removed and additional post production techniques can be performed on the component to bring it to a high level of finish, such as heat treatment for added strength, grinding, welding components together, and further assembly options.

Cast Rite is a full service aluminum foundry, and efficiency is our thing. Our diversified manufacturing capabilities keep us cost effective, whether large or small volumes, or large or small components are required. Squeezer molding is applied for small runs of prototype parts, and automatic high speed molding can produce large runs of identical parts. Rotolift molding is used for pieces ranging in 30–100 lb, and green sand aluminum casting is generally employed for larger parts. Binders can be added to green sand for no-bake processing to extend mold sizes even further.

If you are an OEM manufacturer and are looking for an aluminum foundry near you that can readily produce cast aluminum power tools to the highest possible standard, discuss your specifications with a CAST RITE professional today.