Aluminum is widely used for all types of pumps because of its strength and corrosion resistance. Aluminum sand castings can be particularly useful where complex assemblies of individual components can be replaced by a single piece of cast aluminum. This serves to simplify machine assemblies and reduces the number of parts, which consequently reduces the number of vulnerable connections commonly encountered in fluid systems.


As one of the oldest, most cost effective and reliable techniques for precision metal components, sand cast aluminum alloys bear similarity in process to aluminum investment casting and aluminum die casting. Green sand is packed into and around a pattern placed in a mold where the cast aluminum will be poured. Once the mold is thoroughly packed with sand, the pattern is removed, and molten aluminum is poured into the cavity. The sand is removed, and the casting is cleaned. When required, machining and other processes allow the component to be finished with a high degree of consistency.

Consistent Manufacturing Capability Is Key For Multi-Part Pump Systems and Machine Assemblies

Cast Rite's team of skilled technicians has extensive experience in casting aluminum pumps and components, in several types of aluminum molding processes, along with pattern making. Post production capabilities include heat treatment and a wide range of finishing capabilities, including machining, welding, and assembly services. CRM's clients expect only the highest quality for the final product, and all pumps are processed and finished to meet the most demanding expectations, with quality control systems and manuals to MIL-I-STANDARD-45208.

Cast Rite's long-standing experience with the production of aluminum sand castings for OEM clients has demonstrated the importance of consistent quality and on time delivery, and CRM enjoys repeat business from clients in transportation, medical/pharmaceutical, telecommunications, electrical/lighting, and many more industries.

Because all projects are unique, CRM keeps a detailed record for each and every one of their clients' patterns. Storing customer patterns on-site allows for greater efficiency for repeat production. To complete a project successfully, sometimes different manufacturing services may be required to be cost competitive. CRM's diversified manufacturing capabilities enable them to produce competitively priced aluminum castings for any industry.

For over fifty years, Cast Rite has been producing high quality aluminum castings for their clients. Cast Rite works with customers in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond, with national clients in North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Arizona, California, and international clients in Canada, and the UK.

No matter what type of aluminum cast pump you need, and no matter what application, CAST RITE is the right aluminum casting company for you.

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